At Apni branding, we strive to give our customers excellent design services while maintaining their privacy.

This Application is managed by Hare Krishna Media Solutions Private Limited.

Our privacy policy was written with clarity in mind, outlining how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal data. We have included this description in a very simple and clear way. We promise to only use the information we get about our clients for these purposes and to always keep it secure. Our team is dedicated to informing our clients about any changes to our policy and giving them the resources they require to manage their personal data. You have the right to know what data we gather, why we gather it, and how it's used. We also provide you the authority to select how your personal information is handled and control over its usage. At Apna Branding, we pledge to uphold privacy as a fundamental right in all aspects of our business operations.


We, Us, Our: Refers to each entity being part of the platform - Apna Branding
You, You’re, Yourself: Refer to the users. You and the specific "Apna Branding" entity whose website you use, access, or otherwise deal with are parties to this Privacy Policy.
Platform: This refers to the products and services that Apna Branding offers.
User: An individual who was registered in our platform

When you give it to us or give us permission to obtain it

Your name, email address, phone number, OTP, comments, and any other information you give us are among the details you voluntarily share when you sign up for or use the Apna Branding platform. Technical information is also received when you use our platform. We will always keep the information you provide safe as per this privacy statement.
Some electronic activity is automatically stored or logged when you use a website or internet service. Some of the data we get includes: Cookies: Cookies are little data files downloaded into the internal memory of your device by your browser from the websites you visit. Very little of the cookies we use are connected to your platform account and contain personal data about you such as the email address you provided to us or the log data we automatically receive. You have the option to refuse or accept cookies. Our website may use third-party software and libraries that employ "cookies" to gather data and enhance offerings.
Log data: Our servers keep track of information in the form of “log data” when you use our platform, including information that your browser transmits automatically whenever you visit a website. This log data includes information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which we use to pinpoint your general location, your searches, the kind and configuration of your browser, the date and time of your request, how you used our platform, cookie data, device data, and relevant statistics.
Web usage data and inferences: While you are on our platform, we may draw conclusions about you and your preferences based on your activity, the services you click on, the links you click on, and any text you add as a comment or description, as well as the information you gave us when you first signed up or the information given by our third-party websites, partners and advertisers. For example, if you select a certain location, we might assume you live there or wish to visit the location. Based on your activities, we may potentially draw conclusions about your wishes, business or professional background. With the help of these capabilities, we will help provide services customized just for you relevant to your activity.
Device information: We also collect your device information such as the model, operating system and other unique device identifiers.
Business Transfer: We have the right to transfer your information collected by us to another proprietor, joint proprietor, or manager of the services or relevant database. This is solely to provide services relevant to you.

What we do with the info we collect

We have a genuine reason to use your information in the following way. It's essential that the services and features we provide at Apna Branding are pertinent to and tailored to you.
We also want to make the platform secure and continually choose to improve the services we offer. We may use your information to suggest other features or interests or services relevant to you. For example, if you participate or purchase any story-book related service, we may suggest services relating to story-books in the future that you might like. This way you get the best of services tailored specifically to your needs.
Based on your behavior outside the site, cookies help us assess your interests, and we will always get your permission before using them. With the information we gather, we genuinely care about customizing your Platform experience based on your offsite behavior. If you visit websites that are being used for outreach, for instance, we may link you to other outreach information that uses different images and statements.
Depending on your account or operating system settings, we'll only use your information with your permission to do the following: Send you marketing mails via email to your exam address, promotional texts via messages, push notification, or phone calls. You always have the choice to unsubscribe every time we send you such promotional content.

Service Providers

We might work with third-party businesses and people for the following reasons:

  • To assist us in assessing how our services are used
  • To support our service
  • To supply for our service
  • To carry out service-related procedures
  • To undertake service-related tasks

Users should be aware that these outside parties may have access to their personal information but simply for professional and work purposes. They will not be disclosing any of your personal data or information for any other purpose.


When you sign up you automatically and voluntarily give us access to your contact list. The information we collect through this is solely going to be utilized by us professionally to provide you with the best of services. It is 100% safe with us and we will not be selling/reselling this information to any other proprietor. You can choose not to give us access to your contact list but this might hamper the seamless service our platform provides.

Contact Permission

We are grateful if you choose to provide us with your contact information and promise to protect it by any means possible. However do note that no Internet service is 100% safe and secure and we do not guarantee it’s security.

Links to Other Sites

You will find links to other websites on this platform. On clicking a third-party link, you will be immediately directed to the respective site. We suggest you go through the privacy policy of these websites since they aren’t operated by us and we take no responsibility in case any dispute arises. Their privacy policy may differ from ours and because these are third party websites, their practises and how they handle your information is beyond our control and responsibilities.

Children’s Privacy

We do not provide services to anyone below the age of 13 and therefore do not collect any personal information for this category. If by chance any such information is stored, we immediately delete it from our servers. If you learn that someone in this category has provided us with their personal information, contact us and let us delete the information.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This policy is governed and constructed solely by the laws of India. If any dispute or issues arise, the court of Ahmedabad, India will be responsible for jurisdiction.

Intellectual Property Rights

The platform's name and logo have been registered as trademarks under the Trademark Act of 1999, and therefore hold exclusive copyright rights under the Copyright Act of 1957. Thus, any type of data theft and copying the platform's name or content constitutes infringement, and the platform will take legal action against the infringer.

Refund & cancellation policy

If you are not satisfied with the service delivered to you, please contact us through our helpline number as soon as possible. After we go through your query and determine if it is legit and depending on that we will be provided with a refund or alternative solution. Else, your complaint will be noted as a feedback. Accordingly, by agreeing to this privacy policy you thereby agree to refrain making accusations against Apna Branding.

No Waiver

The rights given by this Policy may be used in conjunction with any other rights or remedies granted by law and may be invoked as frequently as necessary. It may be waived only in writing and in no other form. Any right or remedy that is not exercised or is exercised late does not result in a waiver of that right.